Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Lesson for us all

Twenty or twenty five years ago, I can recall standing in line at the checkout at the grocery.

For some reason I would always find myself in line behind this little elderly lady. She didn't shop from a cart. Instead she would always carry one of the little plastic baskets over her arm, watching with an eagle eye as the cashier rang up her items.

And usually without fail, there would be some sort of minor dispute over the final tally of the receipt.
Me, being in my usual hurry would want nothing more than to pay the few cents difference myself so that I could keep the line moving and checkout myself.
Of course the lady wouldn't hear of this, so as the line grew longer, myself and the other shoppers waited while the manager was called over to settle the dispute.
As he carefully rescanned her items, I would casually make note of what she had bought. Three cans of tuna. Two cans of beans. A loaf of bread. One half gallon of milk. A dozen eggs, Three bananas. Four rolls of cheap toilet paper. And last but not least, Eight cans of fancy feast catfood.
 Finally, with everything rang up to her satisfaction, she would carefully count out her money right down to the last dime. Clutching her receipt tightly she would refuse all offers of help and make her way out the door.

I recall and tell this story now because that lady is now me.
(Except for the catfood, which I always imagined that she loved her cat very much, because she always bought it the most expensive cat food the store sold.)
But I certainly do know now, why and how,she bugeted her grocery money very carefully.
She had to make sure it would last.
I guess what I'm trying to say is this "Keep your patience in check now and always be kind. Because one day you just might be the one with the basket."

Peace and love,

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