Sunday, May 12, 2019

God bless you all.

I've been trying to update more often but surprisingly enough, I lack the energy it takes just to put my thoughts together. Last week I cancelled my chemo. I am so sick and exhausted that I'm beginning to think it is doing more harm than good.
When not asleep, I am depressed and in pain from worsening neuropathy caused by the chemo. I am unsteady on my feet and the laryngitis is so bad others have trouble understanding me.
I'm worried about the rising costs of the chemo. I have a fundraiser going but I'm afraid that people just cant spare to give even $5 . Truthfully my biggest contributors have been my son and brothers and this bothers me. I feel like a burden. I am grateful to everyone who donate and pray to God everyday to please heal me so it will have been worth it.
I want God to bless each and every person who donates. I am humbled by their generous souls. A lot of them dont even know me yet they give. This is the core of the human condition. It's what I believe that ultimately we are placed on this earth to do and that is to love and care for one another.
I also ask God to bless those who pray for me and spread the word. I believe in prayer. It is a powerful thing.
I love you all. I hope every one of you remember to enjoy the little things in life. Like quiet mornings and beautiful sunsets. The laughter of a child.
God bless and goodnight.

Peace and love

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