Sunday, March 24, 2019

Keeping it Real.

Feeling a little down today. So I've come here just to vent and hopefully gain better insight.

I'm in pain. A lot. And let me say it sure does wear a body down.

The thrush still hasn't resolved. In fact, I have open sores inside my mouth which make eating very painful.
Also I have laryngitis 😶 And nausea and diarrhea. And a fever.
Gosh just listen to me whine!

Now let me focus on the positive.
I have a beautiful, caring family.
My 4 children and their spouses and my 9 grandchildren.
I sure do miss them.
I wish that I had a picture of all of my grandchildren together in a group.
Its geographically impossible but still I can envision it in my mind and it makes me smile to imagine it.

I love my brothers and sisters.
My sister Jan is so good to me. She is really like having a 2nd mother.
That is the kind of person that she is. Loving , loyal,  and kind to everyone.
I helped her get through her own bout with cancer almost 2 years ago and now she is here for me.
I am so grateful to her and everyone else for their support and prayers.

I truly could not do this alone.
And today is such a beautiful day.
Enough complaining.  This too shall pass.
And I will continue to choose Life.

I'm almost to my goal. Please visit my link and help me get there if you can. I am so grateful to you all. Thank you.

Dixie Theriault Cancer Fund

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