Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ready for Round Two

Good evening everyone. Finally made it over here to do a blog update.
As you know I've been dealing with some side effects that really dragged me down to that lonesome place where nobody wants to be.

Laryngitis, painful mouth sores, fevers, and the inability to eat due to the pain just gave me a big old case of the blues.

Thankfully I have a stellar team of people on my side and after dealing with it alone all weekend, I was able to get all of my issues addressed yesterday.

Normally today would have began the second cycle or
 round 2 of my chemotherapy.
But my fabulous RNP Elizabeth and my oncologist Dr. G. decided that moving forward I will have every 4th week off.

This will give my bone marrow and my body a chance to rebound between cycles of chemo treatments.

I also began a course of antibiotics and prescription. lozenges to rid me of this thrush and mouth sores.

And I can honestly say that its clearing up and healing  already  after just 1 day of treatment.

And this gives me new resolve and determination.
I will get through this.
Round 2 will begin next Tuesday and I am ready! Bring it on!

Keep those prayers and healing vibes coming folks.

Peace and love

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