Thursday, November 12, 2015

Divine Synchronicity

I love art. And I love artists. Whether the medium be painting, sculpture, music, design...well the list goes on and on.
It has oft been said about art that it is not what the piece shows you, but rather what the piece MAKES you see and feel.
This very case in point was hammered home to me the other day in a most unusual way.

I have an acquaintance on Twitter. Well actually I proudly consider her my friend. You may be familiar with her work as I have showcased it here on my blog. I am referring to the Artist Audrey Keenan @AngelHealingArt who paints the most glorious, unique angel images I've ever laid eyes on.

The other day she tweeted this one.
Now as you can see from Audrey's initials, the painting is on its side but honestly I'm not sure if I would've seen the connection otherwise. For although I love the little teal and white angel, it was the lavender background that struck a familiar chord within me. You see. I knew in my heart that I had seen that simple background before.
And I was right. Allow me to demonstrate.
My torso about 2 or 3 weeks after my surgery

Audrey's painting in comparison. Do you see it?
And finally
Audrey's painting and my photograph.

 You must remember that Audrey has never laid eyes on my photograph. I alone made the connection. I think it is pretty amazing and special. Now the painting has even more meaning for me. Surgery for ovarian cancer pretty much removed my bellybutton. Audrey didn't realize she was painting my soul with that little teal angel and the background. The angel symbolizes for me the healing that is taking place in-spite of the scarring left behind. And even if I had laid this painting upright, and my photograph on it's side, the resemblance is still there and the results are the same.
So the next time you feel drawn to a piece of art. Look closely from all angles. The artist may have captured a tiny bit of your soul.

God bless you all and have a wonderful day.

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