Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Giving Thanks at this time of year and Every Day!

Thanksgiving is to be celebrated tomorrow here in America. It's a day when families gather together to laugh, cook, eat. Watch football. Eat some more. Semi clean up. Moms will groan over what to do with the turkey carcass. Dads will nap. Everyone will eat yet again.

In some families, usually the women (but sometimes the guys too) will pour over the store flyers looking for the Black Friday deals, and make plans to be up and out the door before sunrise, and hopefully beat the yearly stampede into stores that will be open bright and early.

Holidays are hard for me still. This is my 2nd Thanksgiving without my husband Dave. I'm no longer "Moms" where everyone gathered. Due to my ongoing illness, I am officially Granny who tags along and tries to help but really just gets in the way. So I go sit down and enjoy my grandchildren.

But I am grateful. I have a family that love me. I have somewhere to be. Many people don't and I pray for these people each day. Also I am still here to enjoy these moments. More memories to make with my children and grandchildren.

Last week my brother Alan, his wife Ellen and my sister Jan drove all the way up from Georgia to see me. I only hope I was able to convey to them how much this meant to me. I had not seen any of them since our mother passed away in 1999.

Time has a way of slipping away from us and if you are hit with fighting a devastating illness, it flies by. Before you know it loved ones have passed or are in ill health. Travel becomes impossible and the next thing you know, the time to have done this has come and gone.

So I am doubly thankful this year that I was able to spend time with them. It was warm. It was comforting. It was what family is all about. So have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year everyone. Count your blessings every single day.

God bless and keep you all.

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