Sunday, November 8, 2015

It's My Cancer and I'll Cry If I want to!!

Hello everyone. Another beautiful Autumn day here in Mass.Wishing you all joy and love.
Last Sunday I checked into the Boston Medical Center for another chemotherapy session in the ICU as per the desensitize protocol.

Everything pretty much went the way it had last month with being first admitted to the 7th floor cancer care unit that evening and then transferring upstairs to the ICU the next morning for my infusions.

Once again I was pretty much out of it due to the sedating effects of the pre-meds.
My awesome nurse Janet once again got to spend the day monitoring me. By the way let me make introductions here.Readers I present
Janet. Janet meet my awesome readers!
My Awesome Nurse Janet

  Ok things went pretty smoothly until I happily, and with great expectations asked for the results of my latest CA-125. It had such a good drop the prior month I was totally expecting to finally be in the normal range at long last.
Poor Janet got the delightful job of telling me that it had not decreased. It had in fact risen.
The results were 40. Now true this is only a 2 point increase from the 38 of last month, but it really hit me hard. I did something I rarely do. I burst into tears.
I had such high hopes of being in the normal range. Finally I would be able to stop IV chemo and go on the Olaparib maintenance.
Janet was an angel and let me blubber it out and did what all really great nurses do.
And that is lend a shoulder to cry on and offer encouragement.

I am not discouraged...well maybe a little. But hey, these are the breaks and I will continue to count my blessings. You know I think I even managed to sell a few copies of my book to the rounding team of young doctors!
I came home Tuesday afternoon and have waited to feel a little better to jot this update.
I have had more nausea this week than usual along with sleeping away a great portion of my days.

Today I am up and at 'em and I continue to express my deep gratitude at the kindness shown me by all of you out there. Your well wishes and prayers mean everything to me, and I am blessed.
As I remarked the other day, this is one of the most beautiful Autumn's I can recall here in New England and I am so happy to be able to enjoy it.

God bless and watch over all of you.
Love, Dixie

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