Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Game Changer

Hello everyone. Hope you are warm and safe. Let's face it. This Winter sucks royally.
I just want to see grass again. But enough about the weather. I have been busy writing my 2nd book. It's a work of fiction this time, but of course I've based the characters on real people or a combo of their traits. After all, you write what you know. :-)

I'm hoping to finish it by the summer, but sometimes Life gets in the way right?
Yesterday I learned that my CA-125 has risen to 91. My oncologist feels this is indicative of a recurrence. (No shit)
I'll be having another scan next week and then we'll talk about treatment, most likely chemo again.

In the meantime. I feel fine. Yep. Like before. No symptoms. At least not now. Which is a good thing, I am told.
No ascites. Ugh. I hope never to have that again. But still test results tell a different story.
So I will dust off this blog and be updating like before. I may even do video updates. :-)

Thank you everyone for your support. I love you all.
Talk to you later.

Love, Dixie

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  1. Oh my sweet Dixie I pray pray the dr.has made a mistake, well I don't want you to be sick again! Please keep me posted I love you girl and always will
    Love Paulette