Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Well I went to visit my old friends in radiology today for a CT scan.
My Ca-125 has slowly been rising. Was 8 for a long time, then doubled to 16 four months ago, and my last one had doubled again to 32.

This time my oncologist felt a CT scan was in order.
I'm happy to report that no masses were seen so that is great news.
He is going to confer with my other oncologist to see if maybe some type of hormone therapy is warrented.

He's only concerned that the rise in my number may indicate tumor growth that is still too microscopic to show up on the scan.
Meanwhile I feel fine, except for falling today while in Boston.

It was so stupid really. There is so much construction work going on in the city, and I tripped over a curb while trying to maneuver around it.
I tell you nothing makes you feel more like an old lady than falling down. :(

But I got up and dusted myself off. A skinned knee and a little embarrassment are all I was left with.
:) Thank goodness it wasn't my hip!

Have a great week.

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