Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My CT scan results came back positive. I have metastasis in abdominal lymph nodes and suspicious area on bowel. I am having an Echocardiogram on Fri. to determine if my heart is healthy enough to withstand the next Chemo treatment which will be a combo of Doxil and Carboplatin. They won't use the Abraxane again because I've had peripheral nerve damage and it will only make it worse.

Evidently Doxil can cause congestive heart failure and other cardiac problems, so I have to be cleared by cardiology before I can get it. Am I worried? Sure. I'm only human, but I feel my angels are with me. I personally would rather have numb feet and hands than heart damage but we'll see.

I appreciate all the good wishes and prayers that all of you have been saying for me. The good news is that I only have to have this chemo cocktail once a month instead of every week like before, and I may even keep my hair (not that that is important)this time.

Dr. B. is confident that I can achieve remission again and so am I. Like I said before. I am treating this as though it is just a nasty old chronic visitor I have to put up with once in a while. Hopefully I can make their accommodations so unpleasant this time that they won't be back.

Hang in here with me. I love you all and your support means everything.


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