Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just a Little Update

Yesterday I went into Boston and met with the anesthesiologist and had some additional blood work.
I've caught a cold so I am not feeling too well but everything is still on target for my surgery next week.

I'm feeling a little down-probably because of the cold and just a tad bit stressed out.
I am a little over 2 weeks now without chemo, and it's a funny thing to say but I feel vulnerable without it.
My hair has begun to grow back already, and it makes me wonder what else is growing.

By the way-my little hair stubble is almost pure white
and it doesn't really look like hair-more like angora-you know, those fuzzy sweaters! :)
Dave says I look like a dandelion-I guess that is better than a chia pet! :D

Love, Dixie

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