Friday, May 11, 2012

Ct Scan and Doppler Results

Well I had my repeat CT scan and doppler study done today and I just spoke with Dr. S. regarding the results.

I'm happy to say that the doppler study of my legs is negative for blood clots.
The Fragmin is definitely working.

Now the CT scan overall showed clinical improvements as well.
The ascites as I already said, has mostly resolved with only minimal fluid remaining.
There has been no change in the ovarian cyst-it is no bigger, nor is it any smaller,
Dr. S. is concerned about a couple of lymph nodes that are located high up in the gastro-hepatic region.
She has told me that she might not be able to get to them, but they are less than 1.5 cm in size and from a debulking standpoint this is important.

Ideally, the debulking or "cytoreduction" surgery is deemed "optimal" when the surgeon is able to take out all that they can see of the tumor and what they leave behind is residual of no more than 2 cm. However, for purposes of uniformity, the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) has defined optimal debulking as residual implants less than 1 cm.
Basically, she will take out everything she can see and hopefully what, if anything is left will be tiny and get zapped by the 3 remaining cycles of chemotherapy.
The pulmonary embolism can no longer be visualized either-Hooray again for the Fragmin!

So there we have it.
I have my orders to bulk up a bit-I've lost a total of 17 lbs altogether since I started chemo, but really I wasn't exactly Twiggy to start with, so I'm not doing too badly. I know that good nutrition is important, especially for wound healing so I am sticking to a balanced diet.

And that is about all there is to tell.
Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Dixie

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