Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Doctors of Beantown part 2

I arrive early to see Dr. S. Dave of course is with me.
Same routine. I am escorted in by a nurse. Weight and vital signs are duly noted.
Dr. S. enters. She is bright, energetic, She is up to date on all my labs and tests. she wants to do another pelvic exam. Dave steps out.

She tells me the results of my CA-125 test. It is high-greater than 16,000.
This is bad. About as bad as it gets. I cry for the 1st time today.
She is compassionate. She explains how the insurance company normally takes 2 weeks to approve surgery.
She wants to clear her schedule and do it Wednesday 3/21/12.She tells me she will argue with the insurance company. She will be my advocate. She will go to battle for me. It is what she does. Dave and I sit in her office and she explains the surgery she wishes to do. It may end up being quite invasive. It is debulking and staging.

She explains the risks. I listen. I sign the paper. She wants me to meet with the anesthesiologist. First she sends me down for a CT scan with contrast this time.
I am ready. I don't care what they want to do now.

to be continued...

love, Dixie

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