Thursday, March 22, 2012

CT's, Mammograms,Bloodclots-oh my!

I go down to radiology for a CT scan with contrast. I drink 2 bottles of vanilla flavored barium and wait to be called. After about an hour and a half I am taken in and a hep-lock is placed in my arm.
I took 0.5mg of ativan (with the radiologist's OK) while waiting, so I am feeling pretty detached from it all.
I lie upon the table/bed that is encircled by the now familiar donut-shaped form of the scanner. I breathe in and hold my breath, then breathe out as the mechanical voice directs me.
When the contrast is introduced in my vein, I feel a warmth envelope me from my neck to my pelvis. I almost wonder if I have peed my pants.
The feeling only lasts a few moments and again more inhaling-holding breath-breathing out and we are done.
Instead of returning to the waiting room I am taken to a different area to wait for the radiologist. Two doctors enter-the faces and names are becoming too many for me to keep track of now.
I am placed in a wheelchair and taken out to where Dave is waiting. Then we are taken back up to Dr.S. office.
Here they tell me that the scan shows I have a bloodclot in my right lung.
They seem amazed that I am doing so well.
The surgery of course is now on hold. I am to be admitted to the hospital to dissolve the clot. One thing at a time.
Dr.S. tells me other things that showed on the scan. My spleen,gallbladder,adrenal glands,pancreas and right kidney are normal. I have a large amount of ascites with nodularity involving the omentum-this is consistent with peritoneal carcinomatosis.
No evidence of bowel obstruction. No lytic or blastic lesions.

I am just numb. I listen and nod. Dave looks so tired. I am asked if I am up to a mammogram to which I agree. Why not? Lets do it.
We go back over to Dr.B's building and I attempt to do the mammogram but I ask to stop before it is completed. More tears. I apologise. The staff is reassuring.
It is pretty late in the day by now.

I am taken to admissions and after signing paperwork I am officially admitted and taken to a room on the 7th floor of the hospital. Vital signs taken. I get into a johnny and bed and am given a bolus of heparin then a heparin drip is hung.

The nurse brings me a tray-I am too tired to do much but pick at it. I urge Dave to go home.He refuses but at my insistence, he goes to the cafeteria and gets himself something to eat. I am very tired now. I just want to sleep. Dave kisses me goodbye and heads home. He calls me once he is there and we say goodnight.

It has been a long day.

love, Dixie

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