Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Doctors of Beantown part 1

I arrive in Boston for my 1st appointment with Dr.B.
She will be one of my oncologists. She is highly qualified in her field of expertise.
Yes I Googled her.

My husband is with me for moral support. I am escorted by a young nurse into an exam room. She gets a set of vitals and leaves us to wait.
A young woman knocks and enters the room. She introduces herself as Dr.N. She is the oncology fellow with Dr.B.
She has a lovely manner and puts me at ease.

Dr. B. arrives. She is warm and personable. She has all my labs and tests results from Dr.W. with her. She explains my pelvic ultrasound to me. My left ovary has a mass they call a complex cyst.Complex as in it consists of fluid and something else.

I also have a small fibroid in my uterus-no biggie.
She examines my abdomen which has grown quite full of ascites again. We go over my family history some more. She sends me down for labwork and a chest xray.

After I return, She gives me an appointment with Dr.S. who will be my surgeon.
The appointment is on Thurs. 3/15-just a few days away. She also says someone will call to get me set up for a therapeutic paracentesis. I am relieved. I only cry a couple of times during the visit.

Love Dixie

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