Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Update.

Hello everyone. Hope your week is going well. I went into Beantown for a couple of bags of Doxil and Carboplatin. My usual monthly cocktail.
I am doing well as far as side effects go. My rashes have basically disappeared and the nausea has been minimal this week thanks to high doses of steroids.
I haven't lost anymore weight, but If you look at my face it would appear that I have gained.

It's an illusion though. As anyone who has taken steroids under a doctors care knows, eventually your face takes on a roundness known as a "moon-face."
It will disappear after the steroids are stopped. I have a rather round face anyhow, so it just fills in my wrinkles! :-)

My only problem now is dealing with extreme fatigue. But I don't fight it anymore. When I need a nap, I take one, be it once a day or three times a day. I let my body decide how much healing rest I need.
Pain-wise I am much better. I do take prescribed pain reliever when needed. It keeps me comfortable and able to function. A good quality of life is what I want and I think I am doing pretty good now.

My blood counts are stable for the most part with my hemoglobin and hematocrit taking the worst hits, but nothing so low as to require a transfusion. I usually reach the Nadir around two weeks after chemo then my bone marrow begins to recover. My appetite is fair. I drink plenty of water. I still drive and I still do pretty much all I did before but at a slower pace.

I don't fret over what doesn't get done. I no longer "sweat the small stuff" as the old saying goes.
I should have my CA-125 result early next week and I'll update this page then.
So have a wonderful summer everyone. Can you believe July is here already? Hope everyone has a safe and fun Holiday this weekend.

Until next time,
Love and Gratitude,
7/6/15 UPDATE  CA125 Result-75.
Not a huge drop but a drop none the less. Down 8 points. I am grateful. This is a blessing. :-)