Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back to the Devil

So my oncologist tells me that I am weird.
She meant well. It's just that I do manage to get the odds and ends of side effects.
Nausea.Vomiting. Diarrhea. The usual.
Black rashes. Blisters on my hands and fingers.
Vaginal bleeding. Unusual.

That last one has only occurred once. Just some minor spotting, but where did it come from?
My uterus is long gone along with pretty much
everything else they could find to remove that wasn't vital to survival.

I know it is from the cancer. I didn't need my doctor to tell me this. This is my logical conclusion. The blood was dark and appeared old. I hope it was from a dead lesion. They grow their own system of capillaries so they can attach and feed off of yours.
And so that they can spread their cells to the rest of your organs.
All this aside, we discussed my chemotherapy and because I've had a drop in my Ca125  from 131 down to 87 after 2 treatments, we are going to continue with the Carboplatin and Doxil combo.
Once my number drops below 35 I will be within
what is considered a normal range.
However, I want to be at a single digit again.
I especially want to have a clean scan result when all is said and done.

I'm pleased with this decision. I had my 3rd dose of Doxil on Monday. It probably did me good to have the short reprieve. I know it helped with relieving the side effects and I feel strong enough to finish the course.
Only 3 more times then I'll have my scan.
So I'm feeling  blessed and grateful. My tumor markers are dropping! I feel in my soul that the nodes and lesions are shrinking and dying too!

Life is such a wonderful thing. I find beauty in everything. Even a red bag of poison.

Have a wonderful week everyone.
Love ♡~ Dixie

6/9/15 UPDATE: Most recent CA125  is down by 4 points from 87 to 83. Not much of a drop but still in the right direction. Proving that I need the Doxil to help me do this.
Have a great week everyone.

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  1. I love you cuz if anyone can beet this you can I love you girl ❤❤❤😎