Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Game Change

Yesterday was chemo day, and also a sit down with my doctor to review my progress thus far.
My blood counts have been pretty stable, but this week I was a bit dehydrated in spite of drinking what felt to me like a small lake.

Continuous diarrhea will do that to you. Also I tend to sleep a lot. Sleeping = not drinking.
The rash I developed is gone, but left in its place is discolored, almost black skin.
Yep I have semi-permanent 5 o'clock shadow on my armpits extending down the sides of my breasts.

In spite of this, I told my doctor I would like to continue on the Doxil or "Red Devil" as we in the know fondly refer to it.
She said "No." she went on to explain that the effects were cumulative, and the rash, diarrhea, dry heaves, nausea would only get worse, with the rash returning, and possibly spreading to my mouth and throat lining.

Plus my Ca-125 has not dropped one iota. It has actually risen. Now they drew it again yesterday but I won't have the results for several days. Dr. B. said that unless my Ca-125 numbers have dropped dramatically, the Red Devil is out, and a drug called Gemzar is in.
Fare thee well Red Devil...maybe

I will have the next 3 weeks off to recover a bit. I did receive the Carboplatin as I tolerate this drug pretty well. I also received all of the sedating and anti-nausea meds as usual before my infusion. Since this was a rather short day for me, I didn't get the chance to "sleep it off." I walked out of there looking and feeling like I just left The Dew Drop Inn bar and grill after a totally liquid lunch.

Fortunately my lovely daughter-in-law Keri was there to drive me home.
Unfortunately, I still managed to lose my cell phone somewhere between the lobby and the car.

Three quarters of the way home Keri received a phone call from guess who-ME!
No I didn't butt-dial her. A lovely fellow named Henry called to say he had found my phone and decided to call the last person I had sent a text to.

This is when I first realized I had lost it, along with probably a good portion of my brain cells.
 Hey did you know that this is an actual condition? They call it "Chemo Brain." But I digress.

Anyhow, Henry very kindly told us he would leave it with Lost and Found at the valet parking.
So my day was blessed after all. :-) There are angels who walk amongst us. So be kind to everyone. You never know when you may need them.

God Bless You All .
Love, Dixie


  1. Dixie this truly moving my friend and you are in my prayers that you recover fully !

  2. Thank you Robert. Those prayers mean the world to mr. God bless you.