Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Devil Went Down to Dixie


Me and Dr. B.

Still smiling
Me and Nurse Nancy
Well it is 3 days since I was introduced to my latest chemotherapy drug called Doxil aka The Red Devil. It's been around for awhile and is also used to treat certain other cancers like breast cancer. It is being used along with Carboplatin as a second line treatment for my ovarian cancer recurrence.

It took about 5 hours total for blood work and both infusions. I was well medicated against the usual suspects of nausea/vomiting and warned about what to expect. Only one bad night so far. I found out why it has been nicknamed the red devil.

Hot flashes with profuse sweating most of the night with some nausea and bad headache but these were resolved with Tylenol and Zofran

Coming off my steroids today so I'm expecting a mild crash. Drinking lots of water. Appetite is fair.
I have a little chemo brain going on. Poor short term memory and sleeping a lot. There are probably a few typos in here but oh well I can edit another day.

Take care all. Love you and God bless.

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