Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why do you #giveteal ?

 From OCNA
Why do you #giveteal? Our supporters value the work we do to connect survivors with one another and secure important federal funds for research and education—$166 million in the current fiscal year. Expand for ways to help support our work!
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#giveteal is very personal for me because My own mother, Dolly Browning Garrett who fought this beast for over 20 years, (talk about a survivor!) And my sister-inlaw Barbara Theriault Wallace also put forth a courageous battle against terrible odds. Because there was not any proper screening done, they were each already stage 3 and 4 respectively, upon diagnosis.

Until there is a cure, early detection is our best defense to increase our success for survival.
We need to educate more women about the symptoms. Ovarian cancer is called the "Silent Killer" for a reason.
It doesn't shout "Here I am!" It Whispers softly at the back of your mind with tiny hints that are easily explained away or rationalized. We need to #breakthesilence!

We need a consistent and thorough  protocol in place for a yearly screening.
We don't need to say to our doctor "Prove I have it"
We need to say "Prove I don't have it".

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