Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dodged a Bullet

Two weeks ago I went in to finally have a complete mammogram.
Lo and behold they saw something and sent me over for an ultrasound of my left breast.

So I'm lying there on the table, craning my neck to try and see what was there,
but all I could make out was something that looked for all the world like a tiny black hole.

Anyhow the radiologist came in and told me that I had a suspicious mass about the size of a b-b just below my left nipple. Too small and too deep to be felt by manual exam.
Last week I went back and they did a fine needle biopsy of the area and today I got the pathology report.


So hooray! I will go back for an MRI of my breasts in 6 months and that will alternate with a mammogram each 6 months. Some women choose to have prophylactic bilateral mastectomy's done when they learn they are brca positive, but I have opted for plan B which is aggressive monitoring instead.
My doctors and I agree that I am just not up for more surgery at this point.
So today I feel blessed and much relieved.

Have a great weekend. :)
Love, Dixie

PS: I am now the proud owner of a titanium clip embedded in my left boob that marks where they did the biopsy. Does this mean that my ta-ta will set off metal detectors?

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