Monday, July 9, 2012

Well There goes a perfectly good day I can't get back!

Today was supposed to be the 3rd chemo treatment of my 4th cycle, but unfortunately my neutrophils are too low, and along with that, the infection on my incision has flared up.

Darn it all, it was doing well too after the antibiotic. It's just that there remains a tiny open area in a really bad spot. Sort of inside my bellybutton. Add that and my low white blood cell count together and it equals no chemo and another course of antibiotics.

It took 4 hours for 3 different doctors to decide upon this course of action.
Unfortunately for them, this patient ran short of patience and they all got to see my bitchy side. I even started telling them jokes about how many doctors it takes to screw in a hip replacement.

Finally after a long debate over whether to admit me for iv antibiotics, they agreed to do another wound culture and send me on my way with a prescription.
They'll call if something nasty grows in the petri dish that can't be fixed with what they gave me.

So don't mind me. I'm just giving in to my inner child and having a good piss and moan fest.
I actually am very fond of my doctors and grateful for all they do.
These is just the breaks sometimes.
So I'll go back in and see Dr. S. again Friday so she can have a look-see at how things are healing, and hopefully I'll resume chemo next Monday as planned.

Have a great week everyone.

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