Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello All!

Well things went pretty well yesterday. My incision is once again on the mend. The little open area is slowly closing from the inside out and the infection is clearing.

My bloodwork came back at acceptable levels so I began my 5th cycle.
Only 5 more weeks of this if all goes well!

I had quite the little chia pet hairdo starting to sprout on my head these past weeks, but half of it washed away this morning in the shower, so I will have to start anew when chemo ends.
It is weird-I had always assumed that when my hair fell out, that it would all stay gone until treatment was over but some of it tries to grow back-guess that is why they call them "those stubborn grays" since those are the ones that grow back!

I don't recall having so many though-Clairol Whirlwind blonde always took care of that for me.
And shall again! :)

Have a great week everyone.
Stay cool.
Love, Dixie

1 comment:

  1. glad the incision is improving and the bloodwork came back at good levels!! we keep hoping for good news, and only 5 more weeks!!

    and i must tell you, i LOVE the way you word things. i could read what you write all day. you never cease to make me smile!!

    love you bunches mama, keep improving!!