Monday, July 30, 2012

Interesting Study about Dose Dense Chemo

Dose Dense Chemo describes receiving the taxol portion of the carbo/taxol combo in smaller doses but given weekly instead of every 3 weeks as the carboplatin is given.

The theory is that you are effectively bombarding the cancer cells weekly with the taxol and not even giving any stragglers time to regroup and regrow.
You do end up getting more taxol this way, but because of the smaller doses you are better able to tolerate it.
This is how I receive my chemo. That is why it seems like I have been on chemo forever.

The carboplatin is given once every 3 weeks due to the extreme toxicity to the white blood cells. You need that 3 week break in between to recover.
In conventional chemo you receive both drugs once every 3 weeks, but due to the higher doses of taxol this can require an over night hospital stay each time.
Also side effects can be a lot more severe.

This is a link to a study done comparing dose-dense to conventional chemo.

I found it interesting and knowledge let's you weigh your options.
Today I finish up cycle 5.
3 more weeks to go!

Have a great day all,
Love, Dixie

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