Friday, June 15, 2012

Pathology Report and Official diagnosis

Well the results are in and the pathology report is 8 pages long, but in a nutshell it says:

Based on immunoprofile, histomorphology and clinical presentation, the findings are most in keeping with a high grade serous carcinoma of the left ovary with cribriform (perforated like a sieve) features involving the fimbriae (fringe) of the right fallopian tube.
Lymph-vascular invasion present with malignant cells in ascites or peritoneal washings.

So in plain old English, as originally suspected, I have primary ovarian cancer stage IIIc.

I had some bloodwork done today. My incision is coming along and Dr. S. and I are both in agreement for me to resume chemotherapy.
I will meet with my chemo team next week to determine when to resume.

So I am feeling OK-my incision is sore-that is expected and I have some neuropathy in my fingers and toes (that is a residual of chemo) that I've been told may take a year to resolve, if indeed it does.

All in all, I think that considering how badly I was doing when I had the ascites and fatigue and sob, that I am doing OK for being in such a mess. :)
I had my CA-125 drawn again today and it will be interesting to see where it is post-op.
It wouldn't surprise me to see it up though, because of inflammation from the surgery.
Well, that is about it.

Go out and enjoy this beautiful day. :D I know that I will!


  1. I hope all this I don't understand means your going to be fine. I love to Reed what you Wright I hate that you have to go through all this thow your still just as smart and strong as allways, all that reading you always did help. As you can see I always wanted to go out an play. I would get mad because you wanted to stay in and read and I wanted to play. You made you a good life I am just a chicken house worker. But I am happy I have to beautiful kids and 3 beautiful grandkids that I love with all my heart. When they say I want to go out and play I say you need to read and read a lot and be smart just like my very smart cousin. Dixie! I love you girl and I wish I had been just like you!

  2. My dearest, darling Paulette-LOL! In spite of all this medical gobbilty-gook I am OK!
    And what you said about being just a chicken-house worker-do you want me to come down to GA. and spank you girl?
    Don't you ever talk about yourself negative because having you for my best friend was the best part of growing up and I mean that with all my heart-you are the greatest! I love you! And tell those kids to get their noses outta the books and get outside and play! :)