Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If You Need Me I'll be in my Office...

Well here we are. The day before surgery. My cold has finally cleared up and I feel pretty good.
Clear liquids today only, and about a gallon of this stuff (guess we know where I'll be most of the day), then nothing after midnight.

Have a great week everyone.

Love, Dixie


  1. Good luck tomorrow Mom! Our prayers are with you!

  2. Hey Dixie! It's me, LaQuita!
    I have read your blog to catch up with you and see how you're doing. I hate that you're going through all this. Thanks for doing the blog and teaching some of us things we wouldn't know without it.
    I was diagnosed with endometrial carcenoma a couple weeks ago. I go on Wednesday morning to see a Dr. at the Blumenthal Cancer Center in Charlotte.
    The photos are great, you look just like your Mom!
    I hope everything goes smoothly during your surgery. I am praying for you! I love ya!

  3. Hi "Quita! So nice to hear from you. I'm sorry that you are now a member of the club that nobody wants to join. :(
    My surgery went well-I will update my blog with a new post soon.
    Good luck with your appointment-make a list of questions to ask.
    I am glad you like the blog- I started it as a way to update everyone, but it has helped me to feel more in control too just by writing things down.
    I will keep you in my prayers and send healing thoughts your way each day. Stay strong in your fight you Peach Warrior you!
    Love ya, Dixie

  4. Thanks Dixie! Peach warrior in this club and you are so correct, no one wants to be in this club.
    I am so happy to hear that your surgery went well.
    You know, I wish I could think of a lot of questions to ask. I have 3 or 4, maybe more will come before in the morning.
    I'll be checking for your updates! It's so good to be in touch with youagain after so many years have passed.
    Thank you for your prayers. I am still praying for you.

    Love ya,

    ps: our Troy has a birthday today!