Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Internal Pelvic ultrasound AKA/Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound

3/2/12 I had the pelvic ultrasound done today. Not too bad as far as tests go.
You drink about 6 glasses of water before you go in-don't pee!
First they do it outside the abdomen and then you are told to empty your bladder. Then they use a probe to examine you internally via the vaginal opening.
The tech is very friendly and chatty. She stops often to take pictures of what she is seeing.
She does not comment on any of that and I don't ask.
I will wait for the radiologist report.
I get dressed and stop upstairs to speak with Valerie about my referral to Boston.
She assures me she is working on it and will call me.
I go home to wait.

love, Dixie

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