Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Remission is my Mission!

I've just finished my 2nd treatment of round 1 of chemotherapy in my quest for remission.
The 1st treatment consisted of 3 different drugs. Carboplatin, abraxane (both of which I've been treated with before) and a new one for me called Avastin.
Avastin is not technically a chemo agent due to the way it works. It prevents the formation of new blood vessels in the body,  thus starving the tumor to death. I will only recieve this 1-2-3 punch every third week. The other two weeks I receive the abraxane alone.
I have to admit that this first week kicked my butt!
But I'm keeping focused on my goal which is to once again achieve remission.
I am so humbled and grateful for each day of Life and the outpouring of support I've received from everyone renews my determination.
What a lovely thing this Life.
What a lovely thing is the kindness of others

Have a wonderful week
Love, Dixie

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