Friday, January 29, 2016

January Update and Musings

Well I continue on the Lynparza and my CA-125 continues to decline. My latest result is 26.
I feel I am in a solid remission. Overall I feel well. Occasional nausea from the drug but that is easily managed.
I have some fatigue which I now suspect is from low blood counts. My hematocrit has dropped from 34 to 31, which can happen while on Lynparza, as it suppresses my bone marrow.
Nothing bad enough to require intervention as of this writing. I just rest frequently and try to maintain a healthy appetite.
Wow 2016 already and January almost gone. The days seem to fly by. I look around and am grateful to be here.

Each day I awaken and give thanks for being here to see the day. I say "Thank you God for this beautiful day." I don't care if the sun is shining or it's pouring rain.
Each night I pray for God to make me a kinder person. Kindness and gratitude are two things I strive for more of, and I pray to pass it on to others.

I'm here for a reason, even if its nothing more than to write these simple posts that someone may stumble across one day.
Even if I can cause one person to give thanks or to show kindness, then I have accomplished something good.

So Happy New Year's Everyone. I am grateful to you all and the many kindnesses that have been shown to me. Namaste!


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