Saturday, September 12, 2015

Angels Amongst Us

Since I've joined Twitter, I've met many people from all walks of life. A lot of Writers, Photographers, Artists, Cancer Survivors, and well, just about every kind of personality found under the rainbow.
These people hail from cities and towns all over the world. They speak all different languages, and thanks to easy translation apps, I have broadened my range of the people I am able to converse with.

I enjoy learning about new cultures and places that I have only read about in books. It has opened my eyes in a very good way.
As an American woman I have lead a somewhat cloistered life, taking for granted even the simple freedoms I grew up with.
You see stories on the news and in newspapers, but it doesn't hit you like having a 1:1 interaction does.
I have found that for the most part, people are kind, and decent, and respectful. No matter where they come from, they simply want the same things. And that is to have kindness, decency, and respect in return.
I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting a wonderful artist from Scotland. Her gift is very unique, as is her story. Her name is Audrey Keenan, and her twitter handle is @AngelsHealingArt
It is a very descriptive name, for you see, after a life of much hardship and tragedy, Audrey was given the gift of painting beautiful Angels.
When you view her art, even on the twitter platform, you can't help but be drawn in by the calming influence of Audrey's beautiful vision. She's given me the great honor of sharing some of her work here on my blog .
You can view more of Audrey's Angel Art at her website 
And Audrey's story is featured in the very uplifting book called  Finding Joy Around the World by Author Kari Joys MS at
Her story is very inspiring, and after getting to know her a bit, I can see why she has this gift.
Thank you Audrey and Namaste!


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