Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reviews...I get Reviews!

I just want to take the time to thank everyone who reads my blog and hopefully my book ;)

I am humbled by all of your kind words, and the wonderful reviews I have received over at, and also the people who have personally messaged me at the forums.

You are all so great, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you.

I wanted to share a few that really touched my heart. I know these readers really get where I am coming from.

From Ilene :
I admire your family's courage through both your difficult cancer journeys. I too am a teal warrior.My initial diagnosis was in 2012 like you I chalked up all my symptoms to menopause and was diagnosed in the er. I was Ned for 15 months, had another surgery and am now in the middle of my second round of six cycle of chemo. I too had a reaction to taxol and switched to Abraxene. I could not do this without the strength of my family. I am so sorry for your loss but thank you for writing your story. God bless

From Karen Ingalls:
The writer, Dixie, faces the challenge of ovarian cancer with some humor, determination, and love. Her husband is her strong and loving caregiver. Her path of illness and remission takes second place when she is forced to face the serious illness of her husband. Their love and commitment to survive his cancer is powerful.

From Nikki J. Johnson-Tyner:
As a survivor of ovarian cancer your story was my story and I pray the beast will continue to sleep for us both. I found the love between you and your husband inspirational. A fantastic story of survival and love.

I never dreamed back in 2012 that I would be where I find myself today. If someone would have said "Dixie you're going to write a book, but first you're going to get cancer and go through a whole bunch of other miserable shit."  Well, I probably would've"run for the hills" as we say down South, and kept running, and never looked back.

If anything good has come from this, it is that I feel a great satisfaction in my life that was missing before. People tell me that I've helped them. That my story has given them hope.

 Don't get me wrong. I considered myself to be very content and happy, just doing my job as a nurse and living my life status quo. Many times I have longed for things to be back to just the way they were, before Dave and I got sick.

Heaven knows, I've sat and cried, and argued with God plenty of times when I was in the throes of a good old fashioned pity-party. I've had to accept that bad stuff happens, and as human beings we have to find the good. It is there. We just have to look, sometimes deep within ourselves, even if that causes us pain.
Hopefully, we find our core of strength there too. The ability to accept change and go on.
Sometimes we just do what we have to do.


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  1. Dixie you are one of the braves person I know you can make the best out of every thing, I have always wanted to be just like you, I love you my sweet cousin I wish I could be as half as strong as you,I love you Dearly Paulette