Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Troubling Trend

Think of the word Pink. Think of the color Pink. Now envision Pink everywhere.
What started out as a noble cause to raise awareness and money for breast cancer has unfortunately become a bandwagon for profit by some unscrupulous people.

You probably felt pretty good when you bought those pink sneakers or that pink coffee maker (as well you should). After all, not only can you use these items, but you have also contributed your hard-earned money toward a wonderful cause that is working to cure a terrible disease.

But did you ever stop to wonder just how much of the cost of those items will actually go into charitable work? Here are two interesting articles I came across on Twitter and they are worth your time to click and read.

Pink has become Big Business. It has become competitive.
As advocates, we must not forget the big picture. Sometimes I think it is better to go right to the source when you want to make a donation.
Such as 

Not that you can't proudly wear pink or teal or whatever to mark your remembrance and support of a loved one, or yourself who has fought cancer.
We are all in this together.

As I said in my book "I associate ribbons with gifts...Who in hell wants a present like this?"

Have a great weekend

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