Friday, September 12, 2014

Understanding CA-125 and what is supposed to be "Normal"

OK, I will admit that I have become a little confused by this test, especially now, since they are doing it with a "new and supposedly improved" method.

Back when I was first diagnosed in 2012, they used the Siemens Chemiluminescent method to measure the CA-125 (tumor markers) in my blood, and the results said that anything below 20 was considered normal.

 After treatment and surgery I went down from a huge number of more than 16,000 to a single digit 8,
which I have hovered around for over a year.
Imagine my surprise and concern upon learning my last result which was double that, a 16!

I was assured though, that I was normal and shouldn't be concerned about the jump because they were using a new method to measure the number, and now anything below 35 is considered the "new normal."

Sigh....  OK then.
I'm normal. :)
Just do it the same way next time people. Please be consistent!
Or at least let me know ahead of time that there have been changes to the test.

Climbing off my soapbox now.

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