Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Share Your Story!

30 Days of Teal: Day 10



 From OCNA : Personal stories make our cause come to life. Share your ovarian cancer story—or that of someone you love—on social media today so your friends and connections know why teal is personal to you.

So Tweet it, Blog it, Heck write a book!
I did. :)

As those of you who follow my blog know. I am not afraid to put it out there.
Me during chemo

Bald is beautiful! and Chilly! :)

Full blown ascites. note: the puncture sites and bruising are from repeated draining
After debulking and staging surgery
 In fact while I was acutely ill, I desperately needed to read and hear about how others dealt with this.
It is important that we share our stories to provide hope and inspiration and information!

I highly recommend these websites if you are looking for more information, or just want to find support.

Have a great day!

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