Wednesday, September 3, 2014

30 Days of Teal: Take the Survey

We want YOU! to tell us about your experience with ovarian cancer treatment. The Alliance is partnering with researchers around the world on a survey of ovarian cancer survivors. If you were diagnosed at least six months ago, click the plus sign for a link to take our survey.
Click here to complete a survey about your experiences with ovarian cancer treatment. Your responses will help us better understand ovarian cancer survivors’ needs and the impact treatment has on your daily life.
Missed one of our previous actions? Click here for a full list of 30 Days of Teal activities for 2014!

Please help out and take the survey if you have had, or have Ovarian cancer.
It is simple and straight-forward. I took it. It took me around 15 minutes to complete.

Also,if you haven't yet, Please check out my book Tales from the Teal Warrior: A Memoir
It is the story of how myself and my husband each dealt with not only my ovarian cancer, but his cancer as well. I've been told that many have found it informative and inspirational.
I hope you will too.
This is our month to raise awareness for Ovarian cancer. Let's turn it Teal!


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