Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Yes it is that time again. Get your teal on everyone. Go buy yourself a beautiful piece of turquoise jewelry if you're not into ribbons and t-shirts. :) You deserve it!

The Teal Warrior

And don't forget that 70% of Ovarian cancer has already metastasized BEFORE it is diagnosed.
Sobering thought huh?

Oh yeah-when was your last check-up? Hmmmm? Be your own Advocate.
Nobody knows your body better than you.
Also if you can, find some way to Give Back ! Visit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

Fall is in the air today.
Get out there and enjoy Life and help spread the word!

Fight Like a Girl!



  1. Merci ma belle Lydia! C'est très magnifique!
    Your mother is no longer "hair-impaired"