Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Checking In

Just an update here. I saw Dr. B last week and had my CA-125 drawn.
Down another point to "8"

This is really good because I am holding pretty steady with my count.
And this is not chemo taking this number down.
It is my own bad self!
This test appears to be a good indicator for me.

I had another CT scan done this morning and Dr. S. just called me with the results.
No evidence of tumor growth.
We are doing well here.

As for Hermie (My granddaughter Lily gave my hernia a name because she said it gurgles so loudly, she thinks it is pissed off or something.) "Be quiet Hermie!"
Well Hermie is behaving and has not become strangulated.  No bowel obstructions here.

Next week I will meet with a Dr. H. to see about getting Hermie repaired.
And that is about all there is to tell.
It is pouring rain today. Life is grand!

Have a great day all.
Love, Dixie

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