Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a shout out to my friends and family


I feel great today-I even put on some war-paint-hah!
My hair is starting to thin a little but honestly I could care less-that is the side effect I've spent the least energy worrying about. I fill in the blanks with my eyebrows and my eyelashes are holding up so far.

I usually do feel good the day after chemo-the steroids of course-no wonder the athletes love them-seriously I feel like doing Spring cleaning.
I'm not off my rocker yet though, so I'll just opt for a nice walk outdoors instead.
Have a great day everyone.

Love, Dixie


  1. you look adorable!! this picture makes me smile. :D glad you had a better day, even if it's just the steroids helping out. hope you can keep feeling good!! love, sarah

  2. I hope you don't mean the roids that you need prep H for.lol. ;)