Monday, April 9, 2012

2nd Cycle of Chemo begins

Today I began my 2nd cycle of chemo with Carboplatin and Taxol.
My labs and weight are good, so everything went smoothly. My ascites has diminished so much now that I actually have a waistline again! And it is just so much more comfortable without that load of fluid-I can't begin to describe how much better I feel.
Now I'm not kidding myself-I know the side-effects to expect, and I am fully prepared to deal with them. Dr. N. said we are still on track to complete the 3 cycles of chemo and determine when I can safely be taken off the daily Fragmin injections, so I can have the surgery.
So far I've had no signs of dvt and my lung sounds are clear with no sob.
One day at a time! Oh I hope everyone had a nice weekend-my youngest son Dustin flew out from Colorado to see us and it was wonderful to see him again. We were able to get together with my sons' Andy and Mike and their families, and we had a lovely time.
He and his sweet wife Sarah are expecting our 7th grandbaby -a little boy at the end of July-I am so happy for them.

Have a great day everyone
Love, Dixie

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